Awaken very ancient and powerful robots, the Dunaias, and use their help to develop your village.

Dunaia is a 1-hour expert management game. With the help of ancient robots, the Dunaias, develop your village using a clever, interactive die system. Create synergies and adapt your strategy to 3 objectives that change with each game.


Ancient robots called Dunaias have been awakened by a strange energy. With their help, players do their best to develop their village while trying to fulfil the 3 objectives of the prophecy.

Dunaia is a 1-hour expert management game with a clever and interactive die system:
Each turn, the player chooses one available die. Doing so, they awaken the Dunaia of matching value to work on 2 buildings surrounding it. Then the player uses that die on the main board or on a building (even if hostile) to perform a special action.

With the Dunaias’ help, the player completes their building and reaps the benefits: metal flowers used as a precious currency or memory chips that recreate ancient artefacts... Creating synergies on one’s board is key for players to adapt to a prophecy that changes with each game.


Two errors slipped into the game during its manufacture: 
- The artefact fragments are not all in the same order, and therefore do not always allow for the correct assembly of a complete artefact. You can exchange a recovered fragment for another of the same colour at any time in order to have pieces that fit together correctly. 
- The 5 black dice are white. Consider that all references to the rule to black dice apply to white dice.

Photos : charli & billie - Javi from Sulker studio