Breathe deeply…

Let the whisper of thought come to your ear… Harmonize your chakras and let go, so that the negative energies will disappear. Meditate on your strategy and let your feelings guide you towards victory!

Enter the Zen atmosphere of Chakra, and rack your brains to achieve inner peace! Get some gems to find harmony, let them flow through your body so as to align your chakras, and beware of the negative energies that might trouble you. The most serene player will be the winner!

Designer : Luka Krleža
Artist : Claire Conan
2-4 players / 30’ / 8+



CardBoard Kid

Game Boy Geek - Allegro



The 4 expansion modules of Yin Yang gives Chakra increased replay value and interaction: white crystals with multiple powers, harmonisation bonuses, a race to achieve your objectives and special actions… clearly, you’ll need to be even more zen!