CARTAVENTURA: The adventure awaits on the other side of the cards

Cartaventura is a collection of immersive, narrative card games where the players experience a historical adventure together. In playing again making different choices, they can uncover all its secrets.

Cartaventura is a collection of narrative card games with immersive scenarios and multiple endings! Players build their adventure using the cards, which offer different choices. They consult together about the best choice to make, in order to follow the trail of the hero/ine of the game.
Cartaventura offers games in different eras, each one faithfully and compellingly adapted. Players travel back in time, thanks to rich scenarios and watercolour illustrations, a tribute to the past glories of travel notebooks. An historical leaflet written with specialists offers background information.
Cartaventura also offers a tutorial to help you with your first game. Its simple and original playing system allows you to explore the scenario several times before discovering all of the game's secrets. Thanks to what they've learnt, and by making different decisions, players can hone their adventure skills before discovering every possible ending.


10+ / 1-6 players / 60min
Available: Summer 2021
RRP: 12€

Author: Thomas Dupont
Writer: Arnaud Ladaganous
Illustrators: Guillaume Bernon - Jeanne Landart



Cartaventura : Vinland Set off for the land of the Vikings in the footsteps of explorer Erik The Red  

Will you succeed in proving your father's innnocence? Will you take to the seas towards the western lands or command your colony in Greenland? Will you stay faithful to the Norse gods?

Vinland: Narrative trailer


Cartaventura: LHASA travels to India and Tibet in the footsteps of explorer Alexandra David-Neel. Will you find the route to the temple or escape the claws of the white tiger? Will you succeed in crossing the Himalayas on foot? Will you search for Alexandra David, or find some way of ending your terrible nightmares?

Lhasa: Narrative trailer


Cartaventura : OKLAHOMA Set out for the Wild West on the trail of Bass Reeves in 1861.
Will you find the Indian camp? Will you become a Marshall? Can you win the poker game? Can you escape your former master? Can you find your way to freedom?

Coming soon!

Narrative trailer : Oklahoma


In Tangier in 1330, Ibn Battuta's father dies in Tangier without seeing his son, who left for Mecca years earlier. His nephew, old enough to perform the Hajj, proposes to go in search of his cousin. He just misses him: when he arrives in Mecca, Ibn Battuta has already left for India.


Cartaventura: Tintagel go to Brittany on the tracks of Arthur in 487.

Tintagel is a mini-scenario demonstration of Cartaventura.
Explore the 25 maps of the mini-scenario and try to find the 2 endings of the adventure.